Thursday, February 27, 2014

Why Business Leaders Should IT executives

The basic requirement for being a successful CIO is to become business leaders "first and foremost" - although one has a special responsibility for IT, said Professor Joe Peppard, Director of IT Leadership Program Management.IT Cranfield School of executives see their role change of technology driver style and business transformation. But many studies suggest that many IT leaders battle to make this transition successfully, often lacking the necessary leadership skills and strategic vision to drive the organization forward with technology business skillsAt investments.Developing very minimum, IT executives need to demonstrate an understanding of the core business drivers. Successful CIOs but also have commercial acumen to assess and articulate where and how technology investments to achieve business results.A recent article ComputerWorldUK paint a bleak picture of how the CIO measure up. "Only 46% of C-suite executives say their CIOs understand the business and only 44% say their CIOs understand the technical risks involved in new ways to use IT." Crucially, the lack of confidence in the CIO's business knowledge often means absent in decision-making, making it difficult for them to align IT investments portfolio.

Developing skillsA leadership survey conducted by Harvey Nash found that the reporting of a responsive IT executives listed both the desired competencies expected from other C-level leaders: a strong vision, confidence, communication skills Good and strategies, and the ability to represent the department well. Only 16% of respondents believe that having a strong technical background is most attribute.The ability to interact and build strong relationships and mutual trust at every level of the company (and especially in the senior leader) is important not only for career advancement, but also to influence the strategic insight and direction. As a C-level executive, a CIO must be able to explain technical or complex information in terms of business, and other co-leaders with a shared vision of how IT could be used "for a competitive necessity". More importantly, the ability to contribute to decisions in all business functions increase the credibility of IT executives as a strategic leader, not as a technical-focused "service providers". Professor Peppard noted that the majority of executives in IT Leadership Program is a classic ISTJ Myers Briggs personality type. In general, the ISTJ personality aptitude for processing "here and now" facts and details rather than staying in the abstract, future scenarios, and practical approach to problem solving. If you are a regular ISTJ, you have more fun planned to apply the methods and techniques and your decision will be made based on the status of logical, objective analysis.While features that can match traditional IT roles, It is very different from the more extrovert, leader-birth, the challenge ENTJ-looking types are more comfortable with ambiguous or complex situations. IT Leadership Training Program produces key leadership skills IT executives are generally more convenient operation, but it is important to be yourself right teamThe effective.Align CEO and management challenges in being a good business leader slightly down on the other misconceptions and stereotypes, said Joe Peppard, and how the CEO "sets the tone" makes all the difference. 

His research found examples where the Effective CIO in an organization moving to another environment where different, and where they consequently struggled.A CIO alone can not bring the IT agenda, says the word. While CIOs can ensure that the technology works and gives a very good, other things necessary for the business to survive and thrive depends on effective partnerships with other C-level executives. Many IT initiatives fail because the "people" factor or organization, executive notes.Other he has a clear role to play. They must be IT literate enough to understand the strategic potential of IT and how it affects performance and produce value. IT project success (where investment is fully optimized), characterized by the active participation of all levels of management affected. The findings in this study support ComputerWorldUK article. Companies that see the CIO as a strategic partner is more likely to achieve better results. Instead of just looking at IT as a way to cut costs or improve efficiency, utilizing its potential to help create value and new revenue sources

Monday, February 24, 2014

You have to farm out your Order Fulfillment Services Or Build Your Own?

Third-party order fulfillment services has increased interest from retailers and major e-commerce today because they are accurate and can quickly fill customer orders, but they can be expensive. Some companies just are not sure of the cost-effectiveness over the provision of certain duties and responsibilities to an external vendor. By taking a hard look at the advantages and disadvantages of each approach, however, you can choose the best system for your company and customers. See the pros and cons below to determine your company have the consideration take.

Storage LargeMany weaving company, especially beginners business and have a lot of inventory, find it cost prohibitive to keep too much of their product at a time, but has trouble when they do not have enough of product on hand to quickly meet customer needs. Third party that specializes in pick, pack and ship services can solve this problem by having their own storage space is significantly larger. You will have to pay for storage costs, but is cheaper than having to increase the size of the storage itself Fulfillment Services facility.

Order You Run Your Own ScheduleSome service can provide you with additional capabilities Rush delivery times such as holidays, but they can also try to give the same consideration with other companies that use third party service providers. Be sure to ask if the provider can add more change to meet your needs. If you make your own choice, packaging and shipping, you will have more control over whether to add individual companies shift.Bulk Delivery RatesAn second or even third might not be able to get the best rates for shipping services as third party shipping company may negotiate a rate that cheaper per packet delivery due to their focus and they did a great delivery for many clients every day day. Lower cost can be an attractive incentive for small and medium-sized businesses without power to negotiate lower rates for E-Commerce SolutionsIf themselves.Simplified your product sales quite easily online without a brick and mortar store, there is no need for your business to pay a storage warehouse and distribution center delivery. A simple small office may be all you need, keeping costs down different fronts. 

If you sell widgets, you can have them shipped directly from the manufacturer in order fulfillment service that handles everything when the order is placed on your website.Reputation And ControlOne potential contractor side order fulfillment services to reach your own company's reputation can take providers select, pack and ship not maintaining proper operation. Complaints about poor packaging, inaccurate invoices, delivery is delayed or defective products will have a negative impact on the reputation of your company, not your delivery partners. Because you give up control of the process, you also provide some control over the outcome and you reputation.Weighing pros and cons outlined above can help you determine whether in house or third-party chronological order fulfillment service is the right solution for your business.