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Build Your Home workspace

WorkspaceEquipping complement your workspace with your home appliances, furniture, technology, communications, and equipment you'll need to run a business you need to consider three main factors - the needs of business, personal comfort, and budget.

The need for office equipment, tools, technology, and communication varies different types of business plan. But every business needs at least a few items from each of the five main categories of work space at home: furniture, equipment, technology, communications, and supplies. Each category is discussed in more detail later in the second edition chapter.The for comfort, which is of particular concern for home business operators are putting in long hours at their desk in front of computer or phone. You can not cut corners in abundance. To be productive in the long run, you should be comfortable. In recent years, many new physical illnesses, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, is associated with many hours spent doing repetitive tasks, such as typing keyboard.Therefore, you need to focus on long-term effects an incorrect physical tools and lighting. Ergonomics, the study of the proper position of your body while at rest or working, can play a major role in ensuring the comfort and maintain good physical health in the long run. Once set up and equip your home office, you'll want to ensure ergonomically correct. To help you plan, you can buy a book on ergonomics ergonomics or visit online,, providing in-depth information, links, and resources related to ergonomics.The third major factor when it completed Your home office is your budget. Here are five ways of financially challenged entrepreneurs can substantially reduce the cost of equipment office furniture, computers, and communication products or reduce the amount of down payment required: barter. You can barter and ikakalakal for furniture and office equipment. For example, if you operate a painting, ask a local office supplier if they are interested in trading for paint tools work office. You can also join a local club and exchange trading of any product or service that you are selling with a member who sells furniture and office equipment. BarterNews is an online magazine dedicated to the world of business exchange club, organization, and industry information. There are so many club swap web. To find the barter exchange, see Bartermax, or International Reciprocal Trade Association. Or just network with local business owners and see what you can do for each other. Borrow. Make a list of all the equipment needed office furniture and equipment that you need and then distribute copies to friends and family members. You will be amazed at how many things you need to start and run your business stowed away in the basement, garage and attic, waiting to adopt. Most of my friends and family do not mind if you borrow things. In fact, many may be happy just to get rid of them and free up some space for more clutter.Buy seconds or floor models. Call around to your local outfitters office and ask about the second floor of the factory and models that are available. Often you can save as 25 percent off retail prices by buying second with mild disabilities or floor model no wrong except fingerprint and some former smudges.Purchase. Buying used equipment and office furniture and save as much as 75 percent or more of the retail price. A good place to start your search for used office equipment auctions, business closeouts, hair line, garage sales, and retailers that sell second-hand office furniture, equipment, and computers. Also look for businesses to move or close, if you know what you want, you can get a good discounts.Lease. Take route no-money-down and lease new office furniture, equipment, and computers. You have to pay for a monthly item, but do not spend the capital to buy, the capital can be used for marketing. Lease payments are tax be invalidated and you will use the new equipment with full warranty. The downside of leasing is that you can not count the things you hire as an asset. You can also rent tools and equipment. Really rent equipment for a particular job when you need it, so you do not have to spend much to buy. Be careful when lending and rental you never pay more for the item than if you bought it and paid for it. Getting Office Furniture and Accessories You Need

Every business has different requirements for furniture and office equipment. If clients will visit your home office, furniture and equipment must demonstrate the use, both in appearance and function. If you have clients visiting your home office, you will have a little more range on your equipment and tool selection. It's not really important if the color does not match, if you buy a second-hand table in the garage sale of your neighbor, or even choose to develop some of the items themselves. All that's really important that your tools and equipment to do what they need to do and reliable and comfortable. So what are the basics that every room in the house needs work, regardless of the type of business? Desk or work station

Depending on the percentage of time you spend at the table does not work on your computer, you can decide whether you want a traditional table with a computer here or a computer table with some desk space. Often, the table is used to serve the purpose. The same applies used computer desk, which is often a good, cheap alternative to new. Either way, the reason why you should look for a specific computer tool is because it is designed to be at the right height for a computer chair computer equipment with a strong and wide enough to hold. Computers are getting lighter and most adjustable seat, an alternative computer tool more feasible than in previous years.If you need drawers to store a lot of things you want, but the site, then by all ng way to find a table with drawers. If you are comfortable with rolling file cabinet under your computer desk, out of the box may not be necessary. Consider rearranging your workspace more difficult with older, traditional heavy table, especially in a large box that tend to accumulate a lot of junk. But some people just do not feel like they know they do not sit on the large table. Wooden tables tend to appear more wonderful clients, who can score points for business.When buy a table, check the box has enough space for your needs and to open and close properly. Metal suspension rollers last longer than plastic or other alternatives. Wood and construction will show the quality of the table. Look below and see if the quality of the material is consistent throughout and not just on the surface. For example, if the bottom drawer staples hold together, it is not a sign of quality. Heavy wooden tables used in a better and more solid construction. Also, if the wood table has rounded corners, are more likely to model higher-end. Most suppliers are currently selling office furniture table made of wood with a laminate finish, which may help the wood resist scratches and dents.Measure of your office space before shopping for furniture, so you'll know exactly what fit. Then, while shopping, measure the height of a table desk, and standing tools so you know how much room they allowed for under the filing cabinet or other types of tables storage.Computer created for computer at a comfortable height, assuming that the monitor is in stand. For this reason, the preferred desktop computers for computer desk, because the laptop or notebook can cause back pain if the user keeps leaning towards the screen. Some people like the keyboard tray moves, the other does not matter. Again, your preferences on what's important. Also, remember that unless you are doing computer programming or exclusive same work, a need for space to perform tasks away from the computer. Many people focus all their attention on the computer and tend to forget that there is no need for reference books, paper, and table lamps. Make sure you leave enough space for whatever needs you expect the table - including some open space.Lastly, computer cable into consideration before you make your purchase. Modern desk and computer desk usually designed for a wired computer network. Old table, however, is not. You'll want to position the table in such a way as to minimize the length of cable between the desk and the wall. Do not cut the old table with a potential value. It is easy to hide cables in several ways, such as recording a downward Alternative desk.Desk

If your home office is part of another room, you can choose to create a table of tools closets, drawers or doors may hide other storage space. Specifically created for use in a home office, many closets allows you to have a work space with a shelf, storage, and even a sliding keyboard tray computer in one unit with a door that can be closed when the company was over. Built as a center of work, often with the cabinet file drawers, adjustable shelves, and nooks and crannies for storage of supplies. You also want to find accommodation for the cable network computer, which is included in the latest models.Countertops or flat areas such as usually not big or strong enough to be considered as a workstation. Some home office has a counter built around some or all of the perimeter, extending far enough to hold a computer and / or printer, but need additional reinforcement to support the technological equipment. May construct the piece back to accommodate wire and drawers. If you have a counter or workstation extends from the wall, carefully measure both the depth and the height from the floor. Sit comfortable and see how high you want to work with your feet on the seat floor.Comfortable

If you can splurge on only one piece of office furniture, chairs should be comfortable and ergonomically correct luxury goods, especially if you make your business in front of the computer or on the phone for a long time. I'm having lots of uncomfortable chair until I decided several years ago to splurge on comfortable chairs and high quality for my office. All I can say is that I have done it 10 years earlier. Sit comfortable in a chair all day is like running a marathon in shoes two sizes too small, they will leave physical objects agony.Key to check the distance from the seat to the floor (or height adjustable), adjustable armrests, and adjustable seat position. Try seat to find one that feels comfortable. You can buy a computer chair on wheels, so you can scroll to the file cabinet when Cabinet necessary.Filing

There are many choices when buying a filing cabinet, most of them are cheap, especially the former. The two-drawer file cabinet for hanging portable so popular, because you can slide under the computer desk or tuck one corner and move it when needed. In fact, some people will roll them in their closets when not using them, because they also fit under hanging clothes.Three-and four-drawer file clearly tower can accommodate more and more common have a choice, like drawers designed to accommodate a CD / DVD. Lateral file cabinet will work only if you have enough wall space. Disadvantage is that it is heavier to move and requires bending to access the file. The advantage is that if it's a good height you can set the fax machine and / or printer top.If tight on money, you do not need to invest in a filing cabinet file to the client immediately. Instead, for about five bucks you can buy an accordion-style file storage boxes store up to 100 documents. Enough storage space file to get going, especially if you buy one for business records and the second for client files. Obviously, as your business grows, you will want to invest in a quality cabinet with locking mechanisms.BookshelvesBookshelves also be required to work at home. Besides the obvious use of the ledger, they can also be used for office supplies, in and out boxes, mail, radio or CD player, CD, DVD, and just about anything you need easily accessible. There are many websites of various office supplies and office supply store in any of the main shopping area. Ikea is a place to look if you do not mind the shelf assembly shelf yourself.LightingAs over time, things can get a little more out of focus. Natural light from the great windows and skylights, but will also need quality electrical lighting, which can make a big difference in reducing eye fatigue and increasing productivity. In addition to the bright lights overhead, as well invest a few dollars in a good desk or clamp work light that can be positioned to illuminate specific tasks.Office Furniture and Equipment Costs

Figure 7.2, Office Furniture and Equipment Expense Worksheet will help you calculate the cost to acquire the tools and equipment for your workspace. Again, ignore the items that are not relevant to your business and add items specifically it.Figure 7-2. Office Furniture and Equipment Expense $ WorksheetQuantity CostDesk Unit Cost Total $ ______ $ _________ $ _________ $ _________ Office Chairs ______ $ _________ Client sitting ______ $ _________ $ _________ File cabinet ______ $ _________ $ _________ $ _________ $ ______ Bookcases _________ worktable (s) ______ lighting _________ $ _________ $ _________ $ $ ______ Work _________ fireproof safe box ______ $ _________ $ _________ $ _________ ______ Storage Photocopier ______ $ _________ $ _________ $ _________ postage meter ______ $ _________ $ _________ Radio or CD Player ______ $ _________ $ _________ Paper Shredder ______ $ _________ $ _________ recycle bin ______ $ _________ $ _________ labeling machine ______ $ _________ $ _________ $ _______________ wastebasket Other _______________________ $ _________ $ _________ $ _________ $ _________ $ _________ Other _______________________

Getting Amount $ _________ Technology You Need

There is a basic technology that every business needs: computer, monitor, operating system, software, modem, printer, and digital camera.Computer

Suppose that you know how to use a computer (if not, sign up for computer training at your local college), the main consideration is the processing speed and data storage capacity.

Are you planning to buy a desktop computer or intended to use one you already have, you should look for the following things: At least 1 gigabyte (GB) of Ramat least 200, if not 250 or more gigabytes (GB) of hard drive (much much better) of at least 2.3 or 2.8 gigahertz (GHz) processing speedAt at least four USB (universal serial bus) connections for peripherals, including printers and A scanner is usually possible drive DVD / CD burnerA burnerWindows XP operating system (Vista now not as "wonderful" as charged, which means you can get XP for less money and interfaces with many other People also have not taken the opportunity with Vista) An internal Moderna 3D graphics card, which will allow you. to use the latest software programs5.1 surround sound (not great for your purposes, but it is always a plus for sound quality, such as background music while you work) A firewall and antivirus software (firewall must be part of your purchase agreement,. antivirus program, considering the PC-cillin, Norton, 2008, or other anti-virus programs lead) The main part of your computer's processor (also known as the central processing unit, CPU) is part running the program. A CPU typically cost between $ 400 and $ 1,000 and are usually Packed (or bundle) with a keyboard, monitor, speakers, and mouse, giving discounts to buy them all year separately.MonitorsFor monitor typical home computer has become the familiar types with big backs, like television. It is seen that it uses a cathode ray tube (CRT) television we have witnessed in recent years, with many of the points a little phosphorus in glass tubes, each of which generates a line, with All lines to create an image. The latest trends in flat panel monitor LCD (liquid crystal display) monitor, using plasma and light-emitting diodes. While LCD monitors are more technical to explain, they offered to look slimmer than their CRT counterparts. Flat-panel monitors more space and more light, often weighing less than 20 pounds, much less than the CRT monitor, typically weighing 35 45 pounds. Here are some key differences to make it less confusing shopping for monitors: LCD monitors cost a little more than monitor CRTs.LCD usually have sharper picture than CRT, although the monitor is not sharp colors.LCD not have time to time the flashes can sometimes experience sa monitor.To CRT clear view LCD monitor, you have to be in front of him, if not, the picture on the screen may appear distorted. A CRT monitor, however, can see clearly from different monitors angles.LCD more energy efficient than CRT monitors.Monitors range from $ 170 to $ 2,000, depending only on the size and clarity. Most people will buy a good quality monitor in the range of $ 300 to $ 700. Again, look for a deal or working agreements with CPU.Keyboard and MouseStudies shown that ergonomics should play a major role in your decision on what to buy a keyboard and mouse for your computer. The reason is that the hand, wrist, arm, and shoulder position is influenced by the mouse and keyboard. Each must be balanced to reduce the potential for damage. You also may want to consider buying a set of wireless keyboard and mouse freeing up space on your desk and get rid of those pesky seem to wire wrapped all around. Plan on spending about $ 50 to $ 70 keyboard, $ 20 to $ 60 on a mouse, or $ 70 to $ 130 in both. It has often worked on the cost of the package - CPU, monitor, keyboard, and mouse - as important as the seller to get you to buy the monitor slightly better by almost threw the keyboard and mouse. Find package deals, but do not be afraid to ask for an item is changed if you want another.Modem

Most computers today have a standard 56K modem, necessary to connect to the internet. You can also opt for a more expensive modem, giving you the ability to connect to high-speed internet connectivity, which allows you to download files up to 20 times faster than dial-up connection to the Internet, which is now part of past.Wireless modem

You can choose to go the wireless route with a wireless router. Router is rather small and included antenna. They can be at any location in the house, so you can use your computer in any room. Almost sure it having your own radio station signal Towers personal, only much, much smaller. "Hot spots," the wireless connection will go all directions. Therefore, you may want to choose a location that is not only central to your current computer, but also good for a laptop, if you decide to work in another part of the house. You can also use a router to a computer from a family member, even beyond that, I do not opt ​​for a computer network between business and one that is used for computer games. Depending on the speed and distance you need, you can buy a wireless router for anywhere from $ 25 to $ 250.Laptops and Notebook

If you want to work in different places around your office ... or around the house ... or in the backyard, there are a lot of laptop and notebook computers. Many weigh less than four pounds and strong enough to handle the same functions as a desktop, if not the greatest loss and more.The laptop notebook computer with smaller screen and keyboard. While it may take some time to be used while on the road, in your home office, you can use the docking station, which magically transform your laptop into a desktop. No, it has nothing to do with the Starship Enterprise. The docking station is really a platform where you can install a portable computer so you can use a full-size monitor, full size keyboard, printer, and other devices you devices.When shopping for a laptop, the same rules apply for the desktop. Nuance lock, screen size, and feel of the trackball, TrackPointT, or touchpad is a matter of convenience. How to look or feel to you? Finally, remember: the smaller the portion, the higher the price, so you can expect to pay a little more for a notebook. Popular laptop and notebook from Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, Toshiba, IBM, Sony, Gateway, Fujitsu, Acer, eMachines, and, of course, Apple. You can go to a good quality model for around $ 800.Printers

There are two types of printers, laser and inkjet. Which one you need depends on the type of business you run and your basic needs for fast printer.Laser printer, printing some 30 pages per minute. This is a powerful workhorse printer for someone with a higher volume of material and have the words printed on high-quality graphics and photos. Laser printers usually cost between $ 200 and $ 700, but cartridge, although not cheap, is worth less than their inkjet printers printers.Inkjet slower than their laser counterparts, but they can result in a higher level of color laser models colors and lower prices. Ink costs, however, will make them higher in the long run. This is a printer for businesses that require a higher level of graphic and photographic materials and do not have a high number of printed materials. You'll find an inkjet printer for $ 300 to $ 500.Yes, some business owners have both to meet their various needs.Once zeroed in on the needs of your printer, try Some models in the store and ask friends and neighbors to buy printer. It's easy to compare prices online and sell will tell you all positive. However, because the printer very frustrating when they stop working properly, you will want to get some good reviews and recommendations from people you know and printer model trust.Popular maker Canon, Epson, Oki Data , Brother, Lexmark, and Hewlett-Packard.Computer Data Storage

You'll want to stock up on a CD for your computer to store your data and backup all the important material. It can not be stressed often enough that you should back up your files regularly so you do not suddenly lose valuable customers, vendors, and personal data if your computer crashes or a power outage. You can also use USB flash drive, a device small, lightweight, removable and rewritable used to store computer data, such as the disk used, penetration is only stronger, because the disk might get bent or accidentally deleted easier. Digital Camera

A digital camera is required for the business owners of the house. You can take a picture of the product, the client, that the work is completed, or your trip to Florida, and then transfer them easily to your web site, e-mail, or desktop publishing program. You can easily create brochures, presentations, catalogs, and brochures using your own photos. Good quality digital cameras cost in the range of $ 200 to $ 500. Nikon, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus and USA is the leading digital company cameras.High-Tech Shopping TipsWhen spending for high-tech equipment for your business, it pays to buy from known reputable company that has been in business for some time and the possibility of still there should you need them if you have problems with your business equipment. Here are some other general shopping tips high technology: look for good deals. Fear not walk away if you do not get what you are buying t need.Don 'the wealth of features offered on top models, whether it's a computer or digital camera. Find the function t need.Don jump 'to the latest changes. You can often buy before the "hottest" item for a better price when the new model arrives. Except for the latest model has the features you actually need, go to model.Shop year warranty.Make well you get all the documents that came with the technical equipment and store in safe place.Buy companies and businesses to provide support. good computer tech Hardware, Accessories and Software Costs

The following Computer Hardware, Accessories, and Software Cost Worksheet (Figure 7.3) can help you calculate the cost of completing your new home workspace with the same technology. Ignore items that are not relevant to your business and add items specific to your business, such as required.Figure 7-3. Computer Hardware, Accessories, and Software Cost Unit Cost Total $ WorksheetQuantity CostDesk $ ______ $ _________ $ _________ $ _________ ______ Desktop computer Desktop Monitor ______ $ _________ $ _________ $ _________ Keyboard and Mouse ______ $ _________ $ _________ $ _________ $ ______ modem _________ Notebook or laptop computer ______ $ _________ $ _________ $ _________ $ ______ Printer PowerPoint projector ______ _________ $ _________ $ _________ Palm organizer ______ $ _________ $ _________ $ _________ $ ______ Scanner camera Digital ______ _________ $ _________ $ _________ surge protection ______ $ _________ $ _________ UPS (uninterruptible / Universal power supply)

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FreshDirect vs via Peapod: Food Fight online New York

In New York a lot, Trish Shortell old customers from FreshDirect, the No. 1 online grocery store in the city. But Shortell, a recruiter for a New York advertising agency and a mother of three, began to find a selection of FreshDirect is lacking and the prices a bit rich, even by New York standards. Cooked wild king crab legs go for $ 24.99 per pound, and Swiss Gruyère cheese, aged 14 months in Cave Alpine, $ 19.99 per pound. So lately Shortell will transfer some purchases via Peapod, an online grocery store owned by rival Dutch retailer ahold. That's good news for the smugglers, who charge $ 2.79 for a half gallon of farmland Special Request Skim Plus milk Fat-free, $ 1.50 cheaper than FreshDirect. Proud of PEG Merzbacher, director of marketing via Peapod: "We priced supermarket outside the city." Poses a challenge for FreshDirect, an orange and green delivery truck decided the streets of Manhattan double parked for a decade. Now its drivers jockey for space on the roadside from Van via Peapod. Although a relatively new kid on the block in New York, the internet via Peapod Grocer is the largest in the U.S., thanks in part to a partnership with the Stop large bricks-and-mortar stores ahold & Shop and Giant supermarket chain stretching East Coast.

 It waited until 2011, though, to enter Manhattan, where FreshDirect estimate has 80 percent of the market. To catch up, via Peapod offers free shipping for new customers and lower prices on items such as coffee daily and upcoming milk.That lure enough buyers to give via Peapod getting sales more than 10 percent in 2012, the same increase estimated this year, said Merzbacher. Will help achieve its growth objectives ahold of tripling the global online sales of € 1.5 billion ($ 2 billion) in 2016. U.S. consumers will buy $ 21000000000 shopping on the Web in 2016, a surge of 52 percent from last year, estimates Forrester Research (forr) closely held FreshDirect expects consumers will remain loyal to the fresh food and prepared foods that help drive sales. approximately $ 400 million last year, according to the company. "There is room for two competitors," said Tom Meyvis, a professor of marketing at New York University Stern School of Business. "What you can do is focus less via Peapod gourmet segment and emphasize regular products at competitive prices." Via Peapod, founded by brothers Andrew and Thomas Parkinson in suburban Chicago in 1989 , is obtained by ahold in 2000, as the dot-com bubble burst. Now selling to the East Coast and in some Midwestern markets. Peapod avoided Manhattan for years, partly because of snarling traffic and tight parking regulations may make delivery business nightmare. The FreshDirect is no issue with the newspaper reports that the driver who collected $ 600,000 in parking tickets during the first two challenges years.Despite company, Manhattan is an attractive market for wholesale online thanks to solid, Web-savvy, time-starved people. FreshDirect sales were 100 million dollars after two years, persuaded recommendation engine and booking system that promises delivery within two hours of the window. Now serves 100,000 active customers. After securing a strong presence in New York City and the surrounding Suburbs, FreshDirect extended plan October.Peapod Philadelphia win over Manhattan are expecting lower prices. Sell ​​12-ounce bag of Dunkin 'Donuts (DNKN) mix original ground coffee for $ 6.99, 30 percent cheaper than FreshDirect. Evian water, Skippy peanut butter, and Kellogg's Frosted Flakes with also cheaper. FreshDirect co-founder David McInerney said class company with fresh produce, meat, fish, and cheese provide a significant advantage over via Peapod. He said competition from natural foods purveyor Whole Foods Market (WFM), with seven locations in Manhattan, is a major issue. The company has built about 100 microwave meals, some co-branded with a popular Manhattan restaurant as a Rosa Mexican. Priced at about $ 9, the food appeals to busy New Yorkers who want fast food. "There is no competitive advantage in the packaging of food," said McInerney. "There are many people who can send a box of cereal." Bottom line: the purchase of U.S. consumer online shopping is expected to jump by 52 percent over the next four years.

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Cyprus deadline ECB Funding Gives New Plan sought

Cyprus Police clashed with protesters, including employees of the Cyprus Popular Bank Pcl (CPB), outside Parliament President Nicos Anastasiades maneuver at home and forget about the Russian financial collapse. Looking to unlock an international bailout, Cyprus's central bank proposed a bill to overhaul the banking system will allow Famous Cyprus, the country's second-largest lender, to avoid a "catastrophic" submerged and protect insured deposits in the amount of € 100,000 ($ 129,000). Finance ministers from the euro zone, said they hoped the new proposal of Cyprus "as soon as possible" about how the government plans to raise € 5800000000 necessary to trigger the emergency loans. The ministers discussed the Cyprus at night this teleconference. Cyprus in June to euro-area countries to ask Salvage fifth after a restructuring of Greek debt, the largest in history, medical waste including finance lender Bank of Cyprus PLC (bocy) and Cyprus Popular. The euro traded at $ 1.2985 at 16:18 in New York, down 0.3 percent. The STOXX Europe 600 Index fell 0.7 percent to 294.47. Popular dissent On March 16, euro finance chiefs agreed to an unprecedented tax on bank deposits in Cyprus as officials unveiled 10 billion euros Salvage plan for the country. The government amended the proposal to exempt initial deposit up to € 20,000, but failed to win support in the mountains of the famous dissent parliament. When Cyprus presents a new proposal called troika overseeing the euro-area bailouts analyzed, the ministers euro "is ready to resume negotiations on the configuration of the program, while taking into account the parameters specified earlier," according to a statement today. "After the conclusion of the negotiations, the authorities in Cyprus to start the legislative elements of the deal," said Eurogroup, reiterate the importance of fully guarantee bank deposits of less than € 100,000. As the stalemate continues, the Standard & Poor's cut its rating on Cyprus by one notch to CCC from CCC +, citing a "chronic problem" in the banking industry of the island nation. Investors tend to ignore rankings, proved rally in U.S. Treasuries after the loss of class on the S & P in 2011. Pressure ECB "we may be downgraded if the Cypriot government failed to get financing program immediately," said S & P. "If the secure program, we can also downgraded the end of this year if we believe do not comply with the government program." Appears pressure the European Central Bank and the euro area now Anastasiades Treasury chief to deliver Salvage package, let's say the bank could cut funding for emergency Cyprus after March 25 unless a plan in place "to ensure the solvency of the bank. "Central Bank Governor Panicos Demetriades launches Bank Restructuring bill, saying it went" bank collapse risks, "helping to meet the conditions for an aid to European authorities and the International Monetary Fund and the Fund allows banks Cyprus reopen on March 26. His statement did not disclose the details of the plan. 'Big Boss' Despo Pambaka, 28, an employee of Cyprus famous for nearly five years, said he feared for his job. "This is not the Europe we want to go," he said during a protest outside parliament. "The big bosses running the bank take their bonuses and leave people to their own. We expect help from the EU and this is what we get. "The government has submitted a bill to create a" solidarity fund investment, "state television reported CYBC. These funds are intended to help improve the 5800000000 € is required to trigger the emergency loan, Athens News Agency reported. Finance Minister Michael Sarris said in Moscow that while Russia does not lend money to Cyprus, it saw investment in the energy industry. Russian conversation over possible role in funding, RIA Novosti news agency reported. President Vladimir Putin in Moscow today held discussions with Jose Barroso, European Commission president, Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters. Earlier, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said the Cypriot financial turmoil could force Russia to examine the parts of the euro on international currency reserves, the fourth largest church in the world. German Hans Michelbach MP, a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic union, said the new plan seems to fall short Cyprus from € 5.8 billion euro 1000000000 targets and increase the country's debt. "There is no help for Cyprus without the full implementation of all the major points," said Michelbach. "Cyprus has it's own hands to prevent the bankruptcy of the state, but the deadline runs." To contact the reporter on this story: Tom Stoukas in Nicosia on, Tony Czuczka in Berlin aczuczka @ Bloomberg. net To contact the editor responsible for this story: Stephen Foxwell at

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Investors Turn Home With Rental Atlanta foreclosed

After millions of Americans to lose their homes to foreclosure, bargain-hunting investors stepped in to buy them. At first, many investors seemed to view the properties quickly with only a slight improvement or repair. Over time, as it would be difficult to find buyers, investors began renting the home en mass increasing number of people in need of housing, including rental lost their home to a new study by Dan Immergluck foreclosure. A, a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, was one of the first on-ground reporting on the effects of investor experience in the rental market. Immergluck the trend in Atlanta as part of a four-city study by the Urban Institute What Works Collaborative. (Case study is not yet published). He found more than 8,000 investors making purchases in the city between 2008 and 2011. In the past, investors are buying very active in neighborhoods with high poverty and vacancy rates, lower home values, and a large African American. As the housing problem spread among income, investors followed.How investor to buy a home is important for the community. When homes go into foreclosure, was auctioned off on the Courthouse steps. If the house does not sell there, it belongs to the bank, to sell directly to investors, usually in plural agreement, or in the open market through a public listing. Investors Immergluck said they cost between $ 19,000 and $ 70,000 to buy and renovate the house and that they expect the annual rate of return of about 8 percent to 15 percent of their rent that house sold in bulk out.Although lower cost or auction, buy it in a way It's risky, said some investors were interviewed in the study, because they do not get a chance to go to the properties before you buy it. Some say they're trying to visit the house and his colleagues in another window even Immergluck said he went home to tell people that he worked for a bank. But investors can easily lead to properties in poor condition, raising the possibility that they can dispose of property and cut their losses. They may let the house sit empty and deteriorate than to pay for maintenance, or they may sell to investors predators more landlords.Some retain the properties of their own, while others hire outside managers to make repairs, collecting rent checks, and manage the day-to-day activities. Manager is a weak link, reducing profits for investors and become unresponsive to tenants. Immergluck One investor said: "C-The best work is not a property manager" investors often find managers are not aligned incentives to owners. For example, some property managers are paid for signing up new tenants, creating more motivation to keep existing tenants happy by providing prompt service and repairs.Since time covered in the study Immergluck, a new trend has hit Atlanta. Leading national private equity firms such as Colony Capital and Blackstone Group (BX) has dipped of distressed homes, especially in middle-income neighborhoods. New buyers more likely to buy property at auction in Courthouse, and investors working in the area said the new investors are paying too much, something that big investors decline. "A big question is what they do when they get unfavorable nature," Immergluck said. He supervise them, as well as the relevant case studies in other cities, as investors become landlords of single family homes at an unprecedented rate.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

HP CEO Whitman Dubs Windows 8 Work Progress

More of Meg Whitman doubt out there. Some say the former eBay (eBay) chief executive officer is not necessarily a large company experience to run a $ 120 billion organization such as Hewlett-Packard (HPQ). Others contend that he was more than a smooth talker rather than down-and-dirty operators. "What I learned in my political career," said Whitman, "with many experts. Everyone has an opinion about everything. "In the cover story of our recent hard work HP, Whitman dished on his strategy to revive the electronics maker and how he is the right person for the CEO job. In a chat for an hour in Palo Alto, California, headquarters of HP, Whitman discussion of other topics as well, including his take on Windows 8, smartphones, and HP's top executives. The interview took place on the night of January 8 Whitman spent the day flying across the country. He knocked back a cup of coffee and her usual friendly, intelligent self.HP have some better looking Windows 8 machine sold today, including hybrid units like EliteBook 2760p tablet PC, a laptop screen can be removed for use as a tablet. This system helps companies claw back some market share in the PC, Whitman said, though overall, Windows 8 is not formed a large sales spike. "Listen, Windows 8 does not appear to develop the market," said Whitman. "But we are in the early days, and the magnitude of changes in the user interface, and features durable. We have to put into it. I believe. We will continue to invest in the platform. Every time you do something of this magnitude in this type of environment, you have to put it. "One thing HP does not cease to have a coherent strategy kind of smartphone. Back before becoming smartphone must-have gadget, the HP iPaq actually has a booming business and dominate the smartphone market. Since then, the company has let its own devices languish, buy Palm to try and revive them, and then close the Palm about 18 months later, after the lackluster sales of the product. In our conversation, Whitman asserts his conviction that HP should have a smartphone soon. "We have a lot of work to begin," said Whitman. Which means what exactly? People only think about their actual product development or working on one? "Our technology strategy about it," said Whitman. "We do not have an MBA strategy about it." Oh, I've got see.If prove some people seem to blame HP for not having a hot-precious tablet or smartphone, Todd Bradley, head of PC business enterprise a long time. He, like many people at Microsoft (MSFT), Intel (INTC), and elsewhere, is managed, by destroying, to ignore the substantial changes to mobile computing. Whitman seems to get over it and will even put the print division under charge Bradley too. "Todd took the PC business of $ 20 billion to $ 40 billion from money losers in the most profitable PC business in the world," said Whitman. "I was not here, but yes, they lose the phone. Then they bought Palm to really find out. I got through it, they'll shut it down. My view is that if you make acquisitions like that, you have to put it. Not only can you customize falter. Whose fault is it? I do not know. My view: It is what it is. You can not change the past. "On the other side of our conversation, Whitman bragged about the new HP Tablet Windows 8 and about the upcoming server chips based on ARM, pointing to the same product as evidence that HP started a place where he can innovate. Whitman readily admits that HP is through the wringer in the last two years. However, he stated that the foundation of the company is better than many people think and feel that HP has a lot of innovative people who just need a change to allow the product to shine.HP talent they may be missing the main areas, and the other came late but Whitman stated that the impact of Cloud computing is just starting to play. The company will change the way they purchase devices and software on a large scale and this interference should give HP a chance. "We want to take advantage of the changes, the tectonic plates in the industry," he said. "I would be concerned if there were not so many changes."

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Housing Bottom? Fannie Mae Will not Find Tax Dollars

Evidence is mounting that U.S. home prices finally hit bottom, and now is the best news: Fannie Mae said that for the first time since 2008, does not need money from the Treasury balance books.Fannie Mae, supporters bulk of U.S. home loans, which used to boast that it is safe even from a severe slump in the housing market. To be really tragic. It has attracted $ 117 billion in aid since taken over by federal regulators in the announcement 2008.Fannie 's is good news on two numbers: mean taxpayers do not need to spend money to support Fannie (at least relative to the first quarter may require support in the front). More importantly, another signal that the housing is getting ready to turn Fannie corner.In press release (PDF) about the company's $ 2.7 billion first-quarter profit in its positive developments in the housing market. Credit losses declined due to "lack of a significant decline in home prices, declining inventories of single family real estate owned (REO) properties coupled with increased selling prices and lower REO single-family serious delinquency rates. "National Association of Realtors said today that the average price of home sales increased in the first quarter from a year earlier in 74 of 146 metropolitan areas measured.Another positive sign: Fiserv, which puts the Case-Shiller index of home prices, said on the 8th May that thanks to falling home prices and low mortgage rates, the monthly payment for a median-priced homes represent 12 percent of the median family income, the lowest percentage since records began in 1971. "Almost all non-price measures, existing home sales, the volume of orders increased, the increase in spending on home improvements, multi-family construction surge, indicating that the housing sector hit bottom last year and started along the path of a slow recovery," said David Tough, chief economist for Fiserv, in press release.To sure, millions of homes are still worth less than the mortgages on them. A dark cloud over the market. Today the Federal Housing Administration says the number of FHA-insured loans surged in March. Half of the Mortgage is revised to facilitate the payment terms to default again within a year or so later, Bloomberg News reported.