Sunday, April 14, 2013

HP CEO Whitman Dubs Windows 8 Work Progress

More of Meg Whitman doubt out there. Some say the former eBay (eBay) chief executive officer is not necessarily a large company experience to run a $ 120 billion organization such as Hewlett-Packard (HPQ). Others contend that he was more than a smooth talker rather than down-and-dirty operators. "What I learned in my political career," said Whitman, "with many experts. Everyone has an opinion about everything. "In the cover story of our recent hard work HP, Whitman dished on his strategy to revive the electronics maker and how he is the right person for the CEO job. In a chat for an hour in Palo Alto, California, headquarters of HP, Whitman discussion of other topics as well, including his take on Windows 8, smartphones, and HP's top executives. The interview took place on the night of January 8 Whitman spent the day flying across the country. He knocked back a cup of coffee and her usual friendly, intelligent self.HP have some better looking Windows 8 machine sold today, including hybrid units like EliteBook 2760p tablet PC, a laptop screen can be removed for use as a tablet. This system helps companies claw back some market share in the PC, Whitman said, though overall, Windows 8 is not formed a large sales spike. "Listen, Windows 8 does not appear to develop the market," said Whitman. "But we are in the early days, and the magnitude of changes in the user interface, and features durable. We have to put into it. I believe. We will continue to invest in the platform. Every time you do something of this magnitude in this type of environment, you have to put it. "One thing HP does not cease to have a coherent strategy kind of smartphone. Back before becoming smartphone must-have gadget, the HP iPaq actually has a booming business and dominate the smartphone market. Since then, the company has let its own devices languish, buy Palm to try and revive them, and then close the Palm about 18 months later, after the lackluster sales of the product. In our conversation, Whitman asserts his conviction that HP should have a smartphone soon. "We have a lot of work to begin," said Whitman. Which means what exactly? People only think about their actual product development or working on one? "Our technology strategy about it," said Whitman. "We do not have an MBA strategy about it." Oh, I've got see.If prove some people seem to blame HP for not having a hot-precious tablet or smartphone, Todd Bradley, head of PC business enterprise a long time. He, like many people at Microsoft (MSFT), Intel (INTC), and elsewhere, is managed, by destroying, to ignore the substantial changes to mobile computing. Whitman seems to get over it and will even put the print division under charge Bradley too. "Todd took the PC business of $ 20 billion to $ 40 billion from money losers in the most profitable PC business in the world," said Whitman. "I was not here, but yes, they lose the phone. Then they bought Palm to really find out. I got through it, they'll shut it down. My view is that if you make acquisitions like that, you have to put it. Not only can you customize falter. Whose fault is it? I do not know. My view: It is what it is. You can not change the past. "On the other side of our conversation, Whitman bragged about the new HP Tablet Windows 8 and about the upcoming server chips based on ARM, pointing to the same product as evidence that HP started a place where he can innovate. Whitman readily admits that HP is through the wringer in the last two years. However, he stated that the foundation of the company is better than many people think and feel that HP has a lot of innovative people who just need a change to allow the product to shine.HP talent they may be missing the main areas, and the other came late but Whitman stated that the impact of Cloud computing is just starting to play. The company will change the way they purchase devices and software on a large scale and this interference should give HP a chance. "We want to take advantage of the changes, the tectonic plates in the industry," he said. "I would be concerned if there were not so many changes."


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