Friday, February 15, 2013

Despite the market turmoil, the stock is still the best option in the

long term THE bickering between Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. debt ceiling to leave investors with twists confused the medium blood-curdling warnings and excited that the failure to reach a deal could trigger a default and cause financial Armageddon. Remedy apparent when President Obama announced the deal the day before the deadline to raise the ceiling of U.S. $ 2.1tr, and to cut a deficit of U.S. $ 2.5tr. The stock market rallied on the news and the dollar rose, short. Parliament has approved the proposal and we expect the Senate to support overnight, but we can not woods yet. A bipartisan committee still must approve the cut will fall, leaving room for some conversation until the end of the year. Growing concerns that spending cuts may not be enough to satisfy the rating agencies, which may downgrade the U.S. sovereign credit rating. If this is not enough, worries about the economic recovery resurfaced and could make for a volatile trading day continues. Rally in the United States quickly extinguished after economic reports showed manufacturing unexpectedly fell in July, indicating a poor start to growth in Q3. We have an important U.S. jobs report on Friday as well, with a track record of surprising the market. We hope to show a small improvement over June's employment report, with an increase in non-farm payrolls and private sector. This uncertainty may tempt some investors to reduce exposure to equities or introduce measures overall portfolio insurance. We still would prefer a long term view and seeing a surge in the market as an opportunity for those who are still underinvested in equities markets were developed to afford a better term. In our opinion, on the basis of 12-18 months, equities still look the most attractive asset class. It is also important not to forget that, far from the frantic negotiations that the United States, there are many reasons to be confident. We have more than half way through the second quarter earnings season in the U.S., where more than 70% of the company's earnings beat analyst expectations. Technology sector, especially the business-to-business segment, strong, direct reinforces our positive view on the company. Strong numbers from Apple and gaming sector shows that U.S. consumers are not ready for the off. This story is, admittedly, more positive in Europe at the time, where a strong currency and higher uncertainty seems rather dents Q2 numbers. However, even in Europe, it is difficult to make a case for the emissions market in order to avoid the coming surge in volatility. Looks interesting, relatives and finally Valuations and, as we have repeatedly mentioned, solid growth in core European economies. We are still taking advantage of every opportunity to increase the Company's equity here as well. Andrew Miller :: regional headquarters of Barclays Wealth

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