Sunday, February 24, 2013

Finley arrangements recognized for community work

A COUNTY Durham firm is known for his work in the community after the show hundreds of school steel fabrication process. Newton Aycliffe-based settings Finley Award Amount awarded to Carillion company developed for community interaction. Finley Carillion is one of the main sub-contractors and their fabricates steel and set up the framework for a lot of 30-plus new-build schools in Carillion built in the North-East over the last few years. Hundreds of children have passed through the factory Finley Aycliffe Business Park to see how the raw ore is at the core of their new building, before signing a steel plate welded to permanent and included in the development. Carillion's operations director David Kennedy praised the family-run company, saying: "More than 130 children visited Finley structure to see their school being built and they make a wonderful experience. "We take young people to see the steel made and we also took them to see the bricks are made, so they get a real insight into how it all together, so that when it is completed that they will feel that they are involved in every step of the way. ' John Finley, managing director of a steel company, added: "It is a pleasure to see the young people who come to our factory to gain insight into the working world and find their own new school built almost from scratch. "It's always good to involve young people wherever we can and It's rewarding to see them come and learn so much about our operation. Our doors are always open. ' Carillion plc is one of the UK's largest support services and construction companies and has recently worked in 22 schools in the North-East and six in Durham.

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