Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The press Your Potential Customers

Business owners of long standing know the cardinal rule "take care of your existing customers first". Especially now that we see business owners continue to look for new customers. Hey, have forgotten the customers you already have. All of us want our business to grow. However, after a few years, depending on your business, you can reach a point where your business starts to taper off. You find you are not getting new clients. Before you give up, we understand that you still have your current customers. Why not try to increase the volume and steady income to your current customers base.

One things we discussed a number of our article is to get feedback from your customers. Yes, you heard about this problem. However, this is a good thing, allowing you to correct or stop selling the product. Ever wonder why some of your customers will never buy again, the problem may be the reason the product. Do not ask, do not tell me NOT operate world.Send business follow-up letter or call your clients and make sure they are happy with their purchase. It also gives you the opportunity to ask if you can be of service to them again. If they are not happy, find out why and fix it. After taking care of it, then see if there is anything you can do for them. You will be surprised. Because so many businesses do not do this, you fix the problem, you are a loyal customer, they recommend you to friends.Another techniques we discussed before the survey. You can find out what customers need to take the survey. 

This can be done informally by asking them when you see them or you can call them. Another way is to send the survey when you send a brochure, flyer or if you send discount coupons to your customers. Want to know how they use your product, any new methods they use you can think of. You will also want to know if there are products or services they buy. If you call please try to get the sale, if one does not, so be it, but the goal is not to make a sales call, but to collect time information.Many, like us, you can produce a product or service can offer you. For example, from the survey and the questions we asked our student guidance, we came up with the idea to add video / audio on our training program and then after further research on all of our products. This allows us to offer video on current customers at a discount, of course, and we also got new customers due to the increasing popularity of video. Customers like it because it was like having Chuck and I were home with them.However, for those of you selling concrete products you may want to offer your customers the opportunity to get acquainted with it. 

For example, say the new scents or cream. Get beauty consultant for lectures introduce the product and its benefits. Or you can do it yourself. Your business is something that you should be an expert in, so you can certainly introduce products yourself.If you achieve your business to your customers on a regular basis, you can bring a sample of their product to try. This way you can get feedback on the product, and if there is a problem you can fix it or stop it.What about how you present your product, you modified packaging, packaging other items like this makes a better salesperson. Also, around certain holidays you let your customers know that your product would make a great gift. For those of you in business services create some gift certificates that your customers can buy for a friend or family member. For example, one hour consultation with a life coach, Karen Smith. 

Can your customers offer their customers your product as a bonus for something that is selling.Another option is to take some of your products and put them in a package. For example, we offer several packages with guide books, books and records together. You can offer your machines in your exercise book low-calorie recipes, and other info about sports efficiently.How offer discounts or price breaks for a number of your product. For example, for orders of 10 or more books that we offer 35% discount.On see the side for you to sell in quantities why not offer the option to buy just one. Of course, the price will be higher as opposed to just 1-2 quantity.

Remember bigger, you can do whatever you have to, to keep your customers happy.This there last idea is not for us, but for those who can, it is true can actually increase sales. To customize your item. For example, if you sell the dolls you can put different hats on them, clothes, etc. There is a company that sells teddy bears for all types of occasions and they also have a number of different bears for the season. Remember, the more you customize the product with a higher price you can sell it for. I know someone who makes furniture and offer customers a choice of decoration pieces designs.Again him, I can not stress enough to get feedback on your ideas from your customers. That feedback, plus your sales will give you a good idea where the ideas to help your business and which ones are not. Copyright DeFiore Enterprises 2004

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