Friday, November 29, 2013

Number, label, and protect

While we are doing business with a company or government, we get a number and a label attached to us. It is a way of dealing with our organization. It is more convenient for them. I understand some demand for it. If you have 15 customers all named John Smith, you need more ways to identify each other. My only question is, is trying to deal with the mine, or try to help me? I got my driver's license number memorized. My social security number memorized. I got my library card number memorized. My number memorized. I had my bank account number memorized. I do all my nine-digit zip code memorized. I got my car license plate memorized. It is not a big problem for me is to tell everyone some numbers or passwords on the label or Customer Service Representative to be able to do business. Those monikers additional layer of security and assurance that the business has done for me. 

I just want to feel that the company appreciates my patronage, or want to take it to a place where he valued.I want to feel that my citizenship values ​​of various government considers me as A constituent assembly, but I don 't. I definitely feel that the government - that is, those who are elected and those who work for the government - in the rare case that I respect all of them, I just value as a source of income. I do not like standing in line at the Division of Motor Vehicles or the Post Office for a half hour just because people pay attention to the customer, while the 3 or 4 other people are present, but do something, However, with the closed sign keep minor problems from interfering with their customers. I do not want the government to consider me as your Social Security number or demographic. I do not want them to threaten me if I did not give them money. They do whatever they want money and felt no responsibility to let their constituents know what the money is used for and if there is good comes from it. We are the ones who gave them their jobs, but now they think we subjects.

I want to consider such statistical or mathematical formulas, or as an entry in a spreadsheet or database so that one Track me to try to get me to give them a lot more money. Too often, we are only concerned with the extent to which we can contribute to what other people want, rather important to them about what we want.i am not a tool to help others get what they want. We should both benefit from the transaction or I'm not interested. I have wants and needs. I want to know that when I spend one to make money thank you for it. I want to know I got a good value. I need to know that the organization understand that my time is very important to me, and I want to know that nothing is wasted unnecessarily. When I know that you care about me as a person, I'm happy to deal with numbers or labels to make the transactions faster and more accurate for both of us. I am pleased to make your job easier if you are happy to make my life better.Simple note: Let us all remember that everyone we come into contact with throughout the day, throughout our lives, is a man. People need to feel that they are recognized as the first, so they can be viewed as customers or constituents. We can get everything we want - and easier than any other way - if we are going to treat people the way they want to be treated.

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