Sunday, December 1, 2013

Effective Job Applicant Tracking Generates High Customer Satisfaction

What is the most common complaint you hear from your customers? Perhaps this is not about your product. If the goods are sub-par or undesirable to the consumer, they usually just go somewhere else. Complaints are usually about services, actions or thoughts of your employees. Fortunately, proper documentation is provided with a system of job applicant tracking, you can reduce complaints and increase customer satisfaction. ATS applicant tracking system provides a better way to index and review the resumes. Ongoing evaluation is to filter out most of the "bad" candidates before the first interview for the first interview phone interview job.Making can save more time. Once you have narrowed the field to a few select candidates, you will want to have additional measures in place before making the next step. Screen candidates carefully before you invite them for a second interview. Do not wait until after you've invested time and money to a person before bothering to check their references. 

Pattern of poor customer service skills are easy to see if you make a call and talk with former employers and personal references. A good recruiter can read between the lines, even in response prevention or indirectly. Ware and log your thoughts and input the appropriate section to track your candidate recruitment software.Once screen by checking their background, create "what if" or paper role-playing exercises to do During a second interview. Most web-based recruiting software customized field where you can enter input values ​​or skills measurement systems. Prospects are involved as much as possible the situation of non-trapped. Searching for answers to the questions the book does not tell you what you need to know about their customer service skills. Only a voluntary decision shows the true character of a person. Customers become nightmares and measure the response of the candidates under pressure. It would not be 100% correct because they know they are trying, but should give you some valuable insight.Be open to what others think. When you hire a new employee, be sure to include managing and training other staff in the hire process. It is easy to do if you have software that is web-based recruiting because other people are able to access files from anywhere, even at home after work if they need to. 

Make your notes as you go through the process the first and second interviews, and others to add their input after they met, discussion, or other methods to assess the prospects. Their eyes are better than just two. People who work alone on individual charter attached to positive or negative qualities of candidates person.Once right choice, make sure that all their data is entered into the tracking system of recruitment. While going through months and years of work, schedule of regular testing and ensure a permanent part of the employee records system. There may be times when the promotion is due or filed a complaint against the employee. Proper documentation is guaranteed that you can make a decision in this situation.

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