Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Different compression load cells available

Before we begin to see the individual load cell compression allows first explain exactly what compression load cell and what it is used for. A load cell is an electronic device used to convert force into an electrical signal. What does this mean? This means that the energy of an object that can be converted into a signal of the load cell in order for it to be measured by the weight of other words. Load cells are used in various applications such as electronic crane scale, find the center of gravity of a heavy object, force measurement, pressure gauges, tanks and heavy ship, railcar weighing, structural health monitoring, measuring the intensity of emotions, and heavy trucks.

There are different types of load cells such as compression load cells, load cell tension, tension and compression load cells, beam load cells, which tackles the load measurement and load measurement pins. A compression load cell is a cell that is usually loaded with interior designer button: measuring the compression load. They are used when space is limited and will be long lasting.

Here are some examples of different compression load cells are available today:

Stainless Steel Compression Load Cell twisted ring - quite a mouthful is not it? Type load cell designed specifically for medium / heavy silo and weigh bridge applications. Type of load cell is used for the purpose it can be used at low altitudes without distortion proportions. Made of stainless steel appliance load cells are not susceptible to erosion or corrosion.

Stainless Steel S-Type tension and Compression Load Cell - Compression and tension load cells are used in applications when loads vary between tension and compression. Again this is great for when space is limited. Type load cell located in the ship's engine weight, material testing machine, and dynamometers.


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