Wednesday, March 26, 2014

By the end of 2009 was just the beginning of home foreclosures?

Last year we kept hearing how the recession is over or almost over and things are going to look for every moment. Well, 2009 came and went and soon found we had a recession, in fact, more. The question now is not if millions of people will lose their homes, where millions have, but what the final toll house in foreclosure will be when you finally these longer-economy.

Part of the problem is that many people across the country have lost their jobs in the past year or had their hours cut back severely, leaving them with a household income less. Concern for the current year is the amount of unemployment in the U.S. is still very high and may in fact continue to increase this year. This continues to be a problem not only for changes in the official unemployment rate for the better, but also lower-level hiring people across the country.

Another problem is the Federal Reserve's program to buy mortgage-backed securities ended on March 31 this year, the program helps to keep interest rates low Mortgage. The program is quite successful and, in fact, help keep interest rates to a more attractive level than we see year for all of 2009.

Another issue looming on the horizon in 2010 is that many homeowners have struggled to change their government Home Affordable Mortgage Modification Program do not qualify for the program. Reportedly, you can still lose up to 7,000,000 homeowners that you are behind their mortgage payments on their homes because of the way the program works is Ham today. Delay the market entry can be prevented foreclosure numbers for 2009 but it will certainly increase the number of foreclosures in 2010.

With the combination of these factors in place, it is clear that the number of foreclosures can only increase over the current year. Although some government programs will continue, it is unlikely that they will have to be proactive enough to suppress the sheer volume of homes that are ready to enter the property market owned banks this year. Unfortunately, the only remaining question is whether the market can effectively handle the glut of foreclosures are likely to see in the course of this next year.


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